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About Us

This is Kuhio Studio, the home of Nash Jingles.
Give your business the boost that a Nash Jingle can provide.

Nash Jingles aims to offer competitive prices for Jingles.
Uses can be varied consisting of background music for radio, television or film, ringtones; long or short loops.

We create the specific music needs you require.

Our Services
Recorded Music
Nash Jingles provides quality digital recorded music for your business or venture.
We can provide jingles, soundtracks, ringtones, music for all media types to make your business dynamic.
Additional Services
Nash Jingles can casually entertain small groups with cafe gigs.
We also provide limited sales of quality used guitars and amplifiers.
Music Lessons
Nash Jingles can provide music lessons for students, and adults.
Lessons on selected instruments are available.
Please enquire now.
Record your dream jingle with us
Satisfied Customers
  1. Cameron Marson
    "The perfect jingle for my Safety Consulting website as it sets the perfect theme and brings life to my website. A big thanks to Ian and his team".
  2. Matt Jesse
    Principal of Residence Estate Agents recommends Nash Jingles for all your media music requirements .
  3. Dan Horrocks
    Real Estate Agent for Residence Estate Agents in Toowoomba. Supporter of local business in Nash Jingles.
  4. Rebecca M. Rosser
    Solicitor at Sheehan & Co Chinchilla recommends jingles for your business, 'makes you smile and profits your business'.
  5. Cain Breeze
    Owner & Driver of Siluet Removals Toowoomba
  6. Phil Walton
    HSE Director | Chartered Professional | Change Influencer at Savanna Energy Services